GDC Europe and Gamescom 2013

I’m really bad at this posting thing, aren’t I? There’s been so much going on that I’ve really wanted to write about, but lately all I can manage is to pump as much into my new game as I can then fall asleep in a heap. Yeah, crunch-time sucks.


So as a result I guess this will have to be a multi-part post.


GDC Europe 2013 and Gamescom

What a let down this year. First, not many of my friends and people who I’ve met over the years were there. I dunno if it’s because the games industry was hit pretty hard this year by a few high-profile retrenchments, but it seems people weren’t that motivated to go and those who were there seemed a little…down.


From my perspective, GDC didn’t have any ‘heroes’ of game development like they’ve had in previous years and many of the talks were the same or similar to last year. We all know that mobile is growing, facebook is declining, and without monetisation you won’t be in business long. Thanks for that. But what else is new?


The number of adverlectures is increasing as well, with Google having a whole lecture room this year dedicated to extolling the virtues of their forays into gaming. Read: AdWords is teh awesome and you should totally buy into it!


Finally, Gamescom didn’t have anything huge or new to show off, and many ‘newly-announced’ games are sequels or re-hashes (do we really need another Wolfenstein?).


I really could have skipped this year and not felt like I missed anything 🙁


Gladius is almost here

What’s this Gladius I hear you ask? Well I finally decided on a name for my upcoming mobile combat game. Gladius was actually the working title during the past 6 months of development, but after spending days and days trying to come up with something better and floating it past my friends, I realised that it’s actually a pretty decent name.


The game is in the ‘feature freeze’ stage, which means we are not adding any more features to it and only polishing or refining what is currently in place. The artwork is about 80% complete and looking amazing, in my humble opinion. We are preparing for a beta release as soon as possible – I’m targetting before the end of September. And just so that you can see how far we’ve come, here are some before and after shots:


Way before: First proof of concept arena test, 21 January 2013.

Before: Concept mock-up with my crappy placeholder art, 9th July 2013.



After: Current fully playable version with about 90% of artwork complete, 4th September 2013.


P.S., in case you don’t know a Gladius is the name the Romans gave to the short swords all their soldiers carried in combat. It’s where the name gladiator comes from, but considering how overused that word is (and because Russell Crowe is a bogan slob) I thought I’d try something a little different 🙂

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