Animals Ahoy v2.0 released for ios and android!

Animals Ahoy v2.0 has been released for both major smartphone platforms! Here’s what the update includes:


  • We’ve added an in-game store! You can now purchase all-new items that make your game oh-so much better.
  • For example, has one of your favourite animals become extinct? No problem! Purchase the Unextinction item and bring it back from beyond!
  • There are 11 new items to play with and more to be added soon.

Note: technically the android version is v2.1. We had to make some changes to the android version due to some issues we didn’t pick up in testing. Here is the extra work we did on v2.1 for android:


  • New sounds added to ensure there is audio feedback for all game actions and events.
  • All negative events can now be ‘Countered’ by the relevant shop item.
  • More notifications of events such as item drops.
  • Further optimisation of the audio engine.
  • Numerous graphical tweaks and improvements.

Have fun!

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