I’m George Argy and this is my website. I create games. I was the Senior Designer on Evony for two years and now I’ve gone it alone. My first game, Animals Ahoy, has been released on Apple iTunes and Google Play.


I create games with these three design principles in mind:


Build it and They Will Come


You know, not everyone who enjoys playing games is necessarily a good game developer. And not every game developer makes games that are necessarily fun to play. Sometimes, we get lost along the way. What starts out as a clear vision is distorted by other concerns. Marketing, profits, that sort of thing. The stuff that isn’t fun sometimes makes us forget that games need to be fun first and foremost. Otherwise we should pack up right now and start developing business software.


I make games that I enjoy playing. I make them with complete disregard to anything that will not make them fun. I don’t care if some people don’t like my games. I don’t care if my games don’t make make me rich. I put my heart and soul into making games that I enjoy playing. I believe that if enough people share my vision and enjoy my games, success may follow. And if it doesn’t, I still get to enjoy playing games that I love making 🙂


Games for Everyone


Are you a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer? Are you male or female? Young or old? Solo or social? Apple or Android? Guess what? I don’t care.


I make games that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere on anything. I’m sure every Marketing text out there will tell me I’m crazy, that you have to pick your market and know your demographic, etc, etc. I don’t believe it, and I don’t care. If a game is fun, anyone should enjoy it. And they should be able to play it on any device they currently own. My challenge is to make games that everyone enjoys and that run on every platform out there.


Simple but Deep


There was a time, not so long ago, that games either required you to read a 457 page manual before you could even press ‘Play’, or were so simple they transcended simplicity and entered the realm of stupidity. Investing countless hours understanding a game is as pointless as relentlessly and repetitively clicking the same button.


I make games that anyone can understand and enjoy in a matter of seconds. If you choose to keep playing my games at this level then that’s great. But below the surface, my games have Strategy. Rules. Perhaps even Meaning. Play long enough and you may start to uncover some of the stuff under the surface that took me countless hours to develop. And if not, that’s cool too 🙂


Hey, what are you still doing reading all this stuff way down here? Go play!